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Frontiers Living History Group

1754 — 1865













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Colonial Beverages

Flintlocks History

A Colonial Gentlemen's Clothing: A Glossary of Terms

Did you know - There were two Boston tea parties!

Three Camp Beds of George Washington

George Washington’s Camp Chest

Congratulations to

Rev War Recipe - To make Sausages.
Original example of Hunter Fringed shirt –

The Ubiquitous Hunting Frock, American War of Independence Garb

Washington's General Order July, 24th, 1776

Some Rev War Regiments who wore the Hunting frock

What did things cost?

The Sibley Tent History

A Colonial Women's Clothing: A Glossary of Terms

Did You Know -The strawberry

US States That Were Dissolved

Point Blankets

What Point Blankets were Trapper’s buying From the Trade Ledgers

Hudson's Bay Company Point Blankets Colours

What Blankets Cost

Rindisbacher sketch from the Red River Settlements of the 1820s


Daily Schedule for a Cook in a Gentry Household

Recipes from, Lady's Complete Guide; or Cookery In All Its Branches, by Mary Cole, 1788 – To ſtew a Rump of Beef

You are cordially invited to An Independence Tea Party.

To pickle Cucumbers in slices.

Pumpkin Bread

Banbury Tarts

Vidalia Onion Pie

A notice in the New-York Gazette and

General Advertiser,

The Bloody Code – Crimes & Punishments in England & America

A Pocket-size Musket Cleaning Kit.

Making Beeswax Polish: Recipe

George Washington’s Camp Stool & Camp Equipment

Beaver Creek Camp 2009

George Washington’s Camp Stool  Plans


Fur Trade Kettles

General George Washington’s Camp Mess Kit Chests   

Hudson Bay Company Ration Box

The Fur Trade Companies

Company Men & their Clothing  issue

Mad  as a Hatter

The Beaver Fur Hat

Beaver Top Hat c.1825

The 18th Century Vegetable Garden

The Beaver Club

Our Club’s 1st Birthday

Fur Trade Canoes

Loading boats

Lachine To Grand Portage, 1802

Grand Portage

1st Regiment of Foot  - Royal Scots